“The scientific method” journal was registered and is published in Poland.

It is published 12 times a year.

It embraces 24 areas of modern sciences.

Articles are accepted in Polish, English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages for publication.

The journal is issued in electronic and printed (hard copy) forms.

Hard copies are sent to the authors of articles, to scientific libraries, leading universities in Poland, and the readers, who subscribed to the journal.

The electronic version of the journal is placed in the public domain on our website, as well as in digital libraries.

All you need to do to publish your article in the scientific journal “The scientific method” is to comply with the following requirements:

  1. To enter your data to the database of authors of the journal by filling the author’s questionnaire.

Fill the author’s questionnaire

  1. To formalize the article according to the requirements of our journal (the formalization rules are given below on this page) and to submit your article for reviewing by our editorial board to the postal address ___. After the article is received by the editorial board, it passes through it, which results in a decision on its publication. The answer is sent to the email of the author.
  2. Pay for publishing the article (unfortunately, we do not receive the financing from the country or any foundations, so the financial side of publications is passed to the authors; the terms of payment are given on the “Payment for the publication” section).